The Rapids Archery Club is proud to sponsor JOAD!
(Junior Olympic Archery Development)

The Rapids Archery JOAD Club offers youth (Ages 7 to 20) a chance to learn National Training System used by USA Archery, to improve fundamental skills, to learn advanced techniques, and perfect a consistent shooting style while getting to know other local youth archers.

All JOAD Club members must have their own equipment. The club is open to both recurve and compound archers.

The cost is $35.00 per each multi-week session of instructions and practice, mixed in with a whole lot of fun, followed by Olympian Award shooting event.   Then four weeks later we all start practice again to develop further and earn higher awards.

Sessions are on Saturdays and run for approximately 10 - 15 weeks, the class start time may vary depending on other club activities. Normally we meet in the clubhouse's Indoor Range from September to April and the Outdoor Practice Range from June to August. The actual session dates and times can be found on the club's website Calendar .

To learn more about JOAD, see the check out the JOAD FAQ's or send an email to our JOAD coordinator at


Congratulation goes out to Grace S for shooting the elusive "Robin Hood" sticking a second arrow into the end of the first. A rare feat of accurate shooting.

Grace with her Robin Hood