We invite you to become a member of the Rapids Archery Club.


The Rapids Archery Club holds its' Club and Board meetings on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. This is the preferred time to join the club. Club members are encouraged to attend the meetings. All meetings are held in the Archery Clubhouse building.

Club Dues

The Rapids Archery Club membership includes spouses and siblings all in one membership. A monthly Club newsletter is mailed to each member's household if so elected. We would prefer that members read/download the newsletter from the web site therefore allowing the club to save needed funds for another use. Also regrettably we must charge Sales Tax on dues for all levels of membership, it is the law and has been included in the fees below.

  • New Member Initiation - $27.00
  • Working membership - $32.00

    All Club members are required to be working members their first year. Working members are required to work twenty (20) hours per membership year (November 1 to October 31). If a member fails to put in the required amount of time, they will have to pay the non-working dues rate the next year and do the required amount of work time or their membership cannot be renewed for the third year.

  • Ways to get your work hours in include:
    • Help with setup or tear down of a shoot.
    • Help in concessions/kitchen area during a shoot.
    • Work at the registration desk at a shoot.
    • Be a line judge or gate keeper during a shoot.
    • Captain a shoot or captain the concessions area for a shoot.
    • Be a work coordinator for a set of shoots or events.
    • Work at the Spring Clean Up.
    • Open and close the building for Open Shooting.
    • Help at a Youth, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Home School archery classes.
    • Help repair club equipment - bows, arrows, targets.
    • Help with other special projects that come up during the year.
  • Non-working membership, only available after a satisfactory first year.
    • No work required - $134.00
  • Intermediate membership, for youth under 18 years old.
    • No work required - $32.00
  • Associate membership, for those who would like to support the club.
    • No range use allowed - $32.00

A Membership application is available by clicking the button on the left. Complete the form and send it in along with your first years dues. And please come to the next meeting, the Board of Directors may have some questions and your attendance will postpone any delays in processing your application.

State Dues

Club members are required to be a member of one of the State archery associations. You must join the association of your choice on your own. Use the links to learn more about each association and it’s membership requirements.

Minnesota Archers Alliance (MAA)
The Minnesota Archers Alliance, MAA, is the NAA and NFAA affiliate in the state of Minnesota. The MAA is a state organization dedicated to promoting and advancing both the sport as a whole, and individual archers using the guidelines of the National Archery Association and the National Field Archery Association.

Minnesota Bowhunters Inc. (MBI)
Minnesota Bowhunters is a state level organization that has been representing, protecting, and promoting bow hunting since 1946.

Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota
They are all about hunting with traditional bows, those without all the fancy mechanical stuff.  For more information visit their website.

Minnesota State Archery Association (MSAA)
The mission of the MSAA is the promotion and support of archery in the state of Minnesota.

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