Members, we have started publishing the agenda for the upcoming meetings.

By: Chief Editor DR

In an attempt to improve communications with the membership the Club's president has started to ask that the webmaster publish the agenda for each of the upcoming meetings. The agenda for each meeting will be posted in the "Publications" area of the Members Only section of the website. Also members may be adding "How To" type of presentations to the membership meetings look to the agenda to see what's the topic for the next meeting.

Rapids Archery Club has a new President

By: Staff Reporter Dave R.

As time passes things don't always stay the same. And that is true for the club's leadership. At the April club meeting the gavel was passed from now past president Jim Williams to our new president Pat Fox. Next time you see Jim please give him a big thank you for a job well done. And when you run into Pat make sure you wish him the best as he works to move the club forward.

Rapids Archery Club Unveils New Website

By: Staff Reporter Dave R.

After an exhaustive search of the World Wide Web (WWW)   this reporter discover that a local archery club located in Andover Minnesota has rolled out their new website.   This extraordinary event almost when unnoticed.   This reported was giving a heads up to check the "Web" when he overheard the Head Honcho Dan mumbling to himself.

"Uncommon Knowledge" has been Discontinued!

By: An Anonymous Reporter

It was recently announced by the Rapids Archery Club Secretary that the long lived and always read Newsletter column "Uncommon Knowledge" has been retired.  It is rumored that the reason for its' demise was due to some complaints overheard by the author from a few, very few, club members.  It was discovered that the new column in the Newsletter "Things You Need to Know" is really a rehash of the old article by the same author, but this is only a rumor.

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